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ABOUT - The Internet

The Internet is a REALLY REALLY big place!
No, that is not true.
The Internet is not a place.
It is MANY MANY small spots on computers from all over the world.

Millions of new spots (web pages) are being created each day. People by the MILLIONS are using the Internet to communicate, learn, and SHOP everyday.

In the Philippines people are able to use the Internet from computer shops by paying by the hour. In 2005 things are changing. If you have a business in the Philippines and don't have one of those little spots (web pages) reserved with your name, address, phone, and what you offer as services or products you will soon find you will only have the poor and uneducated doing business with you.

People in the Philippines buy computers when they get extra money. Your business needs people with extra money.

When you place your advertisement on the Internet people can see what you have to offer 24 hours a day.