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    Standard Price List
( As of June 15, 2006, These prices may change from time-to-time without notice. )

Our pricing policy is a simple one. We offer low cost, high value service for a fixed price.

From time to time we will run a "Promo" as we try to expand a new service. Once you become a client of ours we will advise you of any "Promo" that may be available to you. We will not charge our customers a rate that would be higher than a current active "Promo" price that they could have had. Our "Promotions" are not hidden and once you become a client you will not need to "worry" that we will charge you more because you did not have time to seek out our best price on a service. We will tell you about "Promos" because we know what they are. We may, in fact, offer "Promos" to you that other/non-clients can not avail as we build new marketing areas. You are not required to know all the "Promos" we have. Its your job to know "your" business and our job is to give YOU the best service at the best value so your business can be profitable.

The following is our standard prices for common services we offer. If you do not find a service that you would like to have available please contact us and we will give you a quote. If the new service proves to be one others will want we will add it to this list. Some of the best things we do are the result of customer suggested needs.

The standard P900 basic web page design includes:
  • Your information on the Internet world wide.
  • You will own the license to copy the information.
  • The web page available on the Internet for many years.
  • Your choice of up to 1,000 words of text.
  • Option of different colored backgrounds.
  • Option of different font styles.
  • Click-able links to other Internet resources ( 6 maximum ).
  • Registered with several search engines world wide.
  • Fast loading and easy to use.
  • Your JPG or GIF graphics added ( 4 maximum ).
  • Easy to update and maintain ( developed in standard HTML ).
  • NO monthly fees.
  • NO annual fees.
  • NO other fees.
Your total cost is P900 for this package

ADD-a-GRAPHIC (photos, line drawings, artwork, and etc.)
Each additional graphic added beyond the maximum provided with the basic web page design shall be an additional P200 each. These graphics must be in Internet ready format of JPG or GIF. Other formats, paper to be scanned, need of cleaning up, major resizing, and etc. can be used at the additional charges shown below.

SCAN-Your-Image (photos, line drawings, artwork, and etc.)
The Internet needs digital images. If your image is not in JPG or GIF format that can be handled by the computer it must be converted. There are many computer shops that can do this for you. We can also do it if arrangements can be made for you to provide us with a clear, clean, paper image that we can scan. The image size must 8 1/2 by 11 inches or smaller to fit onto our standard office scanner. If we need to return the image to you an additional charge must be paid (see below). Several images may be placed on one page to reduce your scanning costs. The multiple images on a page should also be large enough to show the detail you feel important. Price for the scanning service is P250 per page.

Mail-Back your original images
If you send us images that MUST be returned we will charge a flat rate of P500 plus that actual mailing costs. It should be a very rare situation that would cause you to mail something that is so important that it must be returned. Sometimes reproduction costs of high quality flyers and handouts may be such that the Mail-Back fee is worth it to you. You are the one that must make this decision because you know your costs.

Many times a client has a wonderful graphic, photo, or other image but things show up that detract from it. An example would be a beautiful building with many power and phone lines in front of it. Once we convert the image to digital we can have our graphic artists remove some of the "clutter". Another common problem is that a store or office building has pealing paint, poor sidewalks, or generally an unsightly appearance. In this digital world we can "remodel" your business to a limited extent before you make it appear to the whole world. This is common practice in advertising. Do you believe those wonderful human models that appear in major advertisements look that way everyday? Of course they put on makeup and their image is "touched up" to remove unsightly things. We will do a limited amount of this "Clean-Up" work for a fixed fee of P1000 per image. If ever the job would become so big that we need more money to do it a price will be quoted before we begin work so that you will never be surprised.

Photographer Service
We have a digital camera and a photographer that can come to your business and take photographs. There are many GREAT photographers in the Philippines and most have digital equipment now. We encourage you to hire someone else to take your photos. Professional photographers should be used to take photos that the whole world will see. We are not in the photography business and only make this offer to allow us to do small jobs quickly and easily. Maybe you can select from one of our many other clients that do photography work. If you live near the San Mateo, Marikina, Cainta, Rizal area we can make arrangements to come and take a few photographs. We might arrange to have another photographer do the work if we are too busy or you are too far away from our main location. If we do take the photos we charge P2,000 minimum. In most cases that will cover the cost of 4 to 6 good images in digital format. Contact us if you need this service and we will arrange to make it a "best service for the least cost" event for you.

Typing Service (from clear, easy to read, large enough to see easily copy)
Many computer service centers can type your non-digital words into a computer text file, word document, or other common computer readable format. At some point someone, you, a computer shop, or us needs to get the non-digital words converted to something a computer can read. We can do that work for you even though "re-typing" your words is not our primary business. If you give us something easy to work with we will charge P200 for 400 words approximately. Our pricing is not so strict that you should change your good words to reduce the number. We quote the 400 words as a rough estimate so you will understand the scope of it. If your words are already in a digital format that our computer can read there is no need for us to charge anything.

Typing Service from POOR copy
Handwritten, small text, very fuzzy print, etc. can cause our programmers/typists to spend more time and effort trying to guess at what you wanted than what it might take to make your whole web page. When we make a web page we make it readable in easy to understand fonts. If we can not tell if someone wrote the letter "i" or the letter"e" in a word we will need to guess because those are different keys on the keyboard. The wrong guess can make your page look bad. If numbers are guessed at wrong then an address or phone number may not work. We encourage you to provide us with copy that will not lead to confusion and errors. If you need to have us type from a POOR quality document we will charge P1000 for 400 words. In this case, no promise to how well our guess about your bad handwriting will turn out. We of course will do our very best every time from whatever you provide but lets be smart about it.

Listing on our Internet menus.
There are many ways to add additional promotion of your web site. The best method is to always tell your, friends, customers, and employees to give your Internet address to everyone they know. Including your Internet address on your business cards, letter head, posters, flyers, radio ads, TV ads, and any other methods you use to promote your business will give stronger value to those communications and allow future customers to find you on the Internet when they need your service or product. One more powerful method is to be included on "menus" that list services and products throughout the Philippines and the world. We have many menus that are slowly and surely becoming popular places for people to look for modern businesses. The people that use the Internet, menus, and search engines, generally have above average incomes and provide you above average customers. We will list your web page on as many of our menus that you want for a fee of P50 per menu.

URL Name Selection (Universal Record Locator/Internet address)
We are not in the Internet web housing business. We create "web pages" and groups of pages commonly called "web sites". Currently we work with major world wide suppliers of web space that are large wholesalers of business web space. These people appreciate our skills in creating clean, fast to load web pages. This relationship allows us to offer our customers "FREE" web space for Internet web sites and pages. This works well to help you get a web page without paying a monthly, annual or any other fee. It takes us a great deal of time to create a web address for each client we build pages for. Currently we do create an address for our clients that is as simple and most representative of their business that we can. The Internet companies have been signing up millions of new customers every day starting in the mid 1990's so many "very good" URLs are already taken. As part of our current policy we do make a unique URL/Internet address for you. If you are trying to get a special URL we may be able to help but we charge P500 for that service and can not promise ANY specific name until we see if it is available. At some point, if the service becomes a major burden we will charge everyone for that service. The URL we create will begin with the string of characters, then have a slash "/" and end in your unique combination of letters that will be close to your business name etc. We try not to use numbers at the end of an address as these reflect poorly on the web site in the eyes of experienced users of the Internet. That is because adding a number to the end of a string of characters is something that can be done automatically by computer software. Your web page when built correctly and professionally (as we always do) will be GREAT no matter where it is located. You can make copies of it and put it on any other web site housing computer at anytime in the future (free or paid). Having your own .COM web address is never free and will cost you money to keep it active. See our service about "Domain Names" that follows to learn more.

Your own unique DOMAIN NAME
It is popular to have your very own unique DOMAIN NAME on the Internet. Telling people your web page can be reached at "" is popular. We can direct you to companies that will register your name for you. Having that unique name increases your pride but it is not a guarantee for an increase in your profit. We do not create and register the domain names but we of course know a great deal about it because of the many (20+) years we have been building web pages on the Internet. We have evaluated and purchased from many domain name registrars and web hosting companies and know what to look for. We charge you a P100 consultation fee to help you decide who, how, and IF you should continue along those lines.

After you get your own domain name you will need to have a great web page to display. We make web pages that SELL your products and services. We are not an entertainment company and expect you are concerned about using you Internet Web Page to make you a profit, not just "entertain" visitors. Without a great web page for people to see when they come to your web site you will just be embarrassed. That embarrassment will cost you a great deal of money each and every month. Start by getting a great web page created and then choose a domain name later. Search engines like Yahoo and Google will find your page if it is programmed correctly even if it is on a "free" site with a hard to remember name. The "content" of your page is more important, in most cases, than what it's "name" is. Although a good name can certainly play an important part in your web site success.

We currently have made arrangements with MD-Network to allow new domains, and relocatable domains, that are registered in the owners name and supported by Barya Lang Web Page Design, Philippines to get an extremely low cost for registration and hosting service. There are many people offering low registration with many "hidden" costs, restrictions and obligations that will be big, costly surprises to those that do not know what is happening. You could very well have your "well selected", "much promoted" domain name "held hostage" just when it has become very valuable (if you choose the wrong people to work with). MD-Network is an honest and gimmick free company. They offer Barya Lang clients registration and hosting for a fixed fee of $60 per year, no tricks or hidden restrictions. They will require that Barya Lang be the provider of your support services (answer your questions, do your uploads, etc.). New webmasters, without experience, can be a heavy burden to a hosting company if there is not an association with some experienced webmaster that has been using in the art of "web weaving" for many years. Barya Lang can be that resource you need while you learn the "Art" of being your own webmaster.