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Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

If you are not 100% happy you don't pay a Peso - period!
No questions asked - Your money back - Our guarantee.

We do not want to leave any of our clients in a less than happy mood.

We are a Internet Web Page Design Organization and our work is that of providing creative methods to advertise your products and services. We are not a web hosting company, we are not a Internet address registration company, and we do not provide as our main service programming of backend software. We do not provide email services. If you need these services we may direct you to providers of those services, assist in you getting those services, or train you how to use those services. Our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy will never apply to such help that we provide in these areas. The final provider of those services may have some form of Satisfaction Guarantee Policy that you could avail.

We will not cater to or knowingly provide our service to any individual or organization that produces or displays adult only rated material (porn), methods of encouraging participation in systems or games of chance (gambling), or any type of activity that would cause one individual or organization to cause harm to others (scam's). We do not allow or help others to send out unsolicited email (SPAM). When any of the above activities are detected we will terminate our relationship with the client immediately with no chance of the client receiving any refunds or further help. It is the client's responsibility to make sure that their activities do not fall into any of the above groups. If a client is in doubt they can get an opinion from us prior to becoming involved in the activity.

Our primary business is that of education in the art of web page design. Because the nature of Web Page Design is very subjective and because all companies and individuals may not judge a quality web page the same we make the following Satisfaction Guarantee Policy available. Upon completion of a web page design that we create the client may make suggestions to bring the design into their satisfaction. If needed we will create different additional designs up to 4 times. If the client is not 100% happy we will, at our option, either refund the clients money in full or partially, continue making changes to the previously submitted web page designs, or create more different additional designs.

Clients may provide suggestions in the form of their versions of a design. If we are requested to place the client's design on the Internet our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy will not apply. We can not be expected to be responsible for a client's satisfaction of their "own creative work".

If you have any questions or concerns about our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy please discuss them with us prior to placing or paying for an order. We want to leave all of our clients in happy mood.

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